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All of our donkeys are handled regularly by people of all ages, including children. They are also current on their vaccination and worming programs, and are trained to be easy to handle for their routine care. In addition, most of the adult donkeys also have training in various other disciplines.

If you don't see what you are looking for here, we may be able to help you find what you are looking for.

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Sagebrush Rooster's Star
ADMS E-13587

Sagebrush Rooster's Star (aka Star) is a black roan jennet. She is 5 years old, and is out of Mammoth Jackstock parents (56 1/2" and 57 1/2" tall). At 4 years old she measured 54 1/2" tall. Star is a sweet pocket donkey and loves to hang out with her human friends. She is almost always the first to come meet me when I go out to the donkey pasture. She is very curious, and is quite a fast learner and a big ham! She likes to play with whatever she can find, and has even washed her feed bowl in her water trough on occation!

Star leads nicely, lets me pick up and trim her hooves, and stood nicely while I clipped her head and neck for the first time. She has also learned how to cross my training ground rails and wooden bridge, and tarp. She loves to show off the training tricks she has learned!

I have trained her to ground drive and skid logs, and she is now old enough to start under saddle or pulling a cart.

Star is very athletic and should make a great riding or driving donkey! She is out of some top jackstock lines, including Jen-Jack, Too Tall Jones, Texas Scooter, and Bully Boy. She is a granddaughter of the many times Bishop Champion, Rooster. Her older half-sister was here for saddle training for a few months and has an excellent performance temperament. Star is a lot like here, so should make a super performance donkey someday.

Star is current on all her vaccinations (EWT/West Nile, Flu/Rhino) and worming. Star comes with an ADMS registration certificate, halter, and owners manual detailing her training and care.


Video of ground driving Star - 11/30/2008

This video shows Star ground driving at the walk, trot, turning, stopping, backing up, crossing ground rails (on the left), crossing the grey tarp (center front), crossing the wooden bridge (on the right).

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